Family Support

A strong, supportive family can have a significant impact on how well a child can manage their disability and we believe that it is important that we acknowledge their needs as well as those of their child. Our focus is on supporting the family’s social and emotional health through counselling, training, and providing services that lessen their work load. Additionally, we provide financial support so that the cost of equipment and therapy do not disrupt the family’s quality of life and ability to meet their basic needs.


Financial Support: Managing a disability often requires extensive physiotherapy and specialized equipment that can put considerable strain on the finances of low-income families. We provide families, whenever possible, with the resources and support they need to access these services at a reasonable cost.

Support for Family Resilience: Raising a child with a disability can at times be a full-time job, providing assistance to them daily, helping with physiotherapy, and transporting them to appointments. We connect these parents with support personnel and peer groups that can assist them in learning how to take care of themselves as well as their child.

Training: There are few joys more powerful than watching your child grow up in front of you and seeing them pursue their dreams. For parents with a child who has a disability, helping them progress through life may require additional skills to help them on their way. To help them develop these skills, we provide them with proven advice and techniques that will assist them at each stage of their child’s development.

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