Engaging the Community

When we think about Community, we think of words like “belonging,” “togetherness,” and “support.” These words reflect our belief that community plays an important role in supporting children with a disability outside the home and providing them with the opportunity and sense of self-worth they need to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. Our role in the community is to make sure these opportunities are created by providing an informed voice on disability that will ensure the needs of those with a disability are understood and included in the decision making process of community organizations and committees. In situations where we are unable or too late to share our knowledge, we create programs that can be taken up by community members to remove the barriers to participation that remain.


Leisure Buddies: Our Leisure Buddies program provides information and training for the friends and classmates of a child with a disability that enables them to understand how to make activities and games fun and accessible. The program also provides children with a disability with a peer that can help them with any mobility issues and give them the confidence and reassurances they need to try something new.

Consultation and Research: An important part of what we do is share knowledge and we do so with community partners looking to create more accessible spaces or activity based programs. With over 20 years of personal experience, and with the assistance of researchers at SFU and UBC, we have become experts on the needs of children with a disability

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