Childhood Development

Childhood is the time for play, fun, creativity, and learning how to make friends. We believe that by providing children with barrier-free opportunities to have these experiences we can positively impact their ability to develop important life skills and to lead healthy and fulfilling lives with a disability. Our priority when developing these opportunities is to meet the needs of the whole child, supporting their social, emotional, and intellectual development, rather than just their physical needs.


Social and Peer Development: Living with a disability without proper accommodation can impact a child’s ability to communicate with their peers or participate in activities with them. To help remove these barriers and reinforce the bonds of friendship, we have developed programs that promote easier communication between them and fun activities that can be done together.

Self-esteem: Disability is often defined in negative terms that highlights a child’s limitations when compared to others their own age: they can’t move as fast, concentrate as long, or hear as well; comparisons that can cause them to doubt themselves and their capabilities. With decades of experience helping children with disabilities, we know that the impossible is often possible and we help them to discover hidden talents that they excel at and can be proud of themselves for.

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