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WSFC understands that growing up with a disability can present numerous challenges to children and their families and that support services don’t always provide you with help where you need it most. Founded by a group of parents whose children were born with birth disorders, the services WSFC provides were designed with this in mind and focus on managing disability in all its forms, not just the physical.

Reflecting our three core values, Potential, Preservation, and Participation; our services address three areas crucial to the life-long management of disability:

Childhood Development: Childhood is a critical period in a person’s life during which they develop a personal identity, make friends, and learn skills that will help them throughout their life. Our programs are designed to reduce the impact of a child’s disability on their development and to assist them in successfully transitioning into adulthood.

Family Support: Families play an important role in encouraging and supporting young family members as they manage their disability. Without proper support systems in place this assistance can create financial and emotional hardships that impact a family’s ability to help their child. Our programs provide the support they need  to sustain a happy and healthy home.

Engaging the Community: Community plays an important role in supporting children with disabilities outside the home. When social attitudes, environments, and opportunities to pursue one’s hopes and dreams are limited to the abled, children with disabilities often cannot develop to the fullest extent of their capabilities. Our programs both advocate for and create a more inclusive community that allows children with disabilities to take part in everyday life.

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