A 4-Step Adoption Process For Would-Be Parents

Adopting a child means giving someone else in need a family, a home, love, and care. It's way more important than finding a great job or buying a charming new home. Adopting a child is a choice for life and it lasts forever. Parenting is a complicated aspect of life, you never end to learn how to improve as a parent, you know that you are called to accomplish a big and delicate mission.

Step-Parents Make All The Difference In A Child's Life

Millions of people out there have a child. Many of them have even more than one child. Their families look a little noisy, full of things, busy… in a word, such people can proudly tell the world "we are family". What about people who can't have children? Their homes are silent, quiet, everything is perfectly in order. No voices to call for mom or dad. No joyful little ones who hang their drawings at the kitchen's fridge. Well, in a nutshell, life for couples with no children is seriously sad and boring.

Becoming a mom or a dad is probably the strongest instinct in life. And when you can't have a child of your own, all you can do to change your life is to give someone else a better future. Adoptions of children are the biggest and most generous way to become a parent and enjoy life while taking care of a little child.

Mario BalotelliAdopted Athletes And Football Players

So many important and famous people were adopted as a child and their life totally changed for the good. Think, for example of these awesome athletes who were adopted and then became great stars in their sports fields. Without their step-parents, such a future would have been simply impossible.

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Essential Steps To Adopt A Child

Provided that each country has specific adoption laws and process, the general steps to adopt a child can be summed up as it follows:

  1. Know what kind of adoption you want
    The world of adoption is pretty diversified. You can adopt a child in your country or from a foreign country. You can decide to adopt a newborn or an older child. Keep in mind that children adopted internationally are at least 1 year old. You can decide also to adopt a child of a different race. Make your research and know exactly what kind of adoption you wish for yourself.

  2. Find your adoption channelchild
    There are many ways to adopt a baby. Agencies and attorneys can help you prepare the paperwork and legal documents that you need to be eligible to adopt a child. Consider that in the US, pregnant moms who want to place their babies for adoption go to agencies while attorneys can help you find birth moms. Agencies can handle international adoption, as well, and there are private and public agencies.

  3. Choose an agency or attorney
    Choose an expert attorney with a solid career in adoption. You can make further research through the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. For agencies, verify that the agency that you are interested in is licensed and authorized. Gather as much information as you can about the services provided by the agency, in particular for international adoptions.

  4. Paperwork
    With the help of a good attorney, you'll have to fill in your application and home study. It's a compulsory procedure for any kind of adoption. Once the agency has reviewed your application, they will call you for an interview. Many agencies charge a registration fee (you are becoming a client to them). Then, the agency will schedule a series of interviews with a social worker to determine if you are suitable to adopt a child.

The bottom line is that you should be prepared to wait. It can take from a few months to 3 years to complete the adoption process and even once you get a child you'll have to wait 6 months before the adoption is legally completed. During these months, the agency will send a social worker to your home for regular checks.


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