Celebrating Children’s Day

Parenting can present many challenges, particularly when your child won’t listen or you have a sarcastic child. It can be difficult to gauge when punishing your child is better than controlling your anger, or which punishments for children are appropriate for their age group. Whether they are 1 year-olds, preschoolers, young children, or teenagers, getting children to listen and respect your authority is one of the most controversial subjects for parents. Nonetheless, age is irrelevant when it comes to discipline and punishing your child.

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The age of discipline

As a parent, punishments for children should remain consistent. If a child breaks the rules and is aware of the consequences, then they should receive those consequences. Obviously controlling your anger is a large part of punishing your child because children should not be punished if they are unaware that what they are doing is wrong. But if the child is aware, and they have been warned that this is the manner in which things should be done and if they do not adhere to that manner then they will receive a certain punishment, and yet the child won’t listen still, then controlling your anger means that you apply proper parenting methods of discipline.

  • If your children are babies or toddlers, they will be naturally curious.

  • If they see electronic items in your home, cleaning supplies in lower cupboards, or jewelry on the desk, they will want to touch it to see what it is.

  • If the child starts to move toward the item that is dangerous or unacceptable then the item should be removed from the sight of the child, who can then be distracted by an appropriate toy or activity.

  • If your child is a toddler, then timeouts for one or two minutes are an appropriate form of punishment when a child won’t listen.

But as a parent there are always difficult times of loss as well as disciplining.


There are many ways for children to cope with loss and finding the right coping mechanisms for children can be difficult. In order to help children deal with death, you must be able to work through your own grief as well otherwise you will not be able to adequately help. The manner in which you can help children deal with death is dependent upon their age, their personality, and their life experiences. Coping mechanisms for children vary dependent upon these things. For you to help a child cope with death the best thing is to be honest. The ways for children to cope with loss need to be met with encouragement. They should be allowed to ask questions in a safe environment. You should create an atmosphere of openness so that the children understand that there is no right or wrong question, answer, or manner of feeling. In order to help children deal with death in this manner, you have to understand that you may not have all of the answers but that does not mean that the children should be discouraged from speaking or asking questions about the situation at hand. If you have particular spiritual beliefs, then sharing these during this time is suggested. If your child is under the age of five or six, it is important to explain concretely what happened in death, such that they understand a person’s body stopped working or a doctor or group of doctors was no longer able to help fix a body. Children who are between the ages of six and ten will have a grasp of how final death and personify it through something such as a ghost or skeleton. In either instance, it is best to reiterate the concrete manner in which death occurred.

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