7 Tips To Help Anxious Children Before A Summer Camp

Summer is already here and school is over in almost all places. It’s time to open the door, go out, and enjoy the sunshine! Let your children play ball in your home’s backyard, let them ride on a bicycle, take part in outdoor play. As a parent, you may think you don’t have enough time to spend with your little ones now that school is over. A good solution could be a summer camp experience.

children at a summer campA Summer Camp – Get The Idea!

Have you ever seen those amazing portraits of summer camps where children play sports, swim, and have fun all together? That’s exactly the idea we want to suggest to you for your children.

At some point, adults and children have different life rhythms and an opposite idea of entertainment. Children want to move, play physical games, scream, laugh loud, and sing a song. Of course, most adults (unless they work in a camp for children!) prefer “stationary” activities like playing chess, online games, live chat on a social network, watching TV, etc. It’s not a random fact that adults represent the largest share of the total number of online users who play online games. In particular, it turns out, that the casino segment stands out among all the existing gaming products. India-Casinos.com is one of the most emerging casino guides of our time. It’s dedicated to Indian users but since all casinos can be accessed in the English language everyone can enjoy their games, bonuses, and other benefits.

Obviously, an online casino is no place for children and should be used carefully by everyone. Children need to move, run, jump, and have fun in all freedom. A summer camp can seriously become the best choice for them.

Ways To Clear The Anxiety For A Summer Camp

If your children are new to a summer camp experience, spend some time to talk to them about how it is playing new adventures with other children in a summer camp. Your children might probably look anxious and afraid about leaving home for a new experience with unknown children. Even a two-week separation from parents might look terrifying.

However, summer camps are perfect to help children develop independence and social skills that will help them face life experiences better. Social skills are precious weapons to improve self-esteem and win in all circumstances. We’ve prepared a list of techniques you can use to fight your children’s fear and anxiety about this new amazing experience:

  1. Involve your childrenmom talks to her child
    Avoid imposing your little ones on your decision. Involve them in it, for example, by picking the summer camp together. After all, it’s where they will spend their time. Show them photos of the place and what activities they will do there.
  2. Show them it’s a great idea
    You may be as anxious as your children, especially if it’s the first time you separate from them. However, you should let them see you are excited about the summer camp. Talk to them about the funny things they will do there.
  3. Don’t talk about anxiety
    If you see your children are afraid about the camp, avoid asking them questions like “are you nervous?”. Ask open questions like “what do you think about it?”. Avoid suggesting your children the idea of anxiety and fear.
  4. Don’t make fun of their fears
    The most common mistake to avoid is making fun of your children’s worrying and fear about the summer camp. Show that you understand their concerns and give them tips to overcome such feelings. Talk to them about when you had to overcome a similar experience in your childhood.
  5. Project forward
    Focus on what they will do at the summer camp, meals in the lodge, playing with other children, and all the activities they will do. Help them imagine themselves in there ahead, so they will get familiar with the idea of the summer camp.
  6. It’s time to grow
    Talking is always the best way to help someone overcome their fears. So, talk to your children about your formative experiences as a child and highlight the positive side of those experiences, and how you could grow up, learn new things, eat new foods, expand your knowledge.
  7. Communication during the summer camp
    Make sure to tell your children that you will make phone calls to talk to them and write letters while they are away. Your goal should be to focus on how they are adjusting to the new experience. Don’t lead them to tell you they miss you and want to come home. Just focus on their day-to-day activities, improvements, and the things they do.

Once the first days at the camp are over, your children will naturally start feeling better and in the end… they won’t even leave the camp and their new friends!


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