6 Best E-learning Ideas For Kids During COVID-19 Outbreak

Spending many weeks at home can be frustrating for either adults and kids. However, we can’t avoid staying at home unless we want to pay costly penalties for going out without a good reason, for example, work-related reasons or health-related reasons.

A Life Stuck At Home

It’s hard to explain to children that they have to stay at home although it’s a warm and sunny spring day outside. Kids seem to suffer more than adults for not being allowed to go out, run, and move as usual. Video lessons with school teachers might sometimes be boring and, surprisingly, even too quick to cover a regular school day. After doing their homework, most kids don’t know how to spend their free time, what to do to forget they can’t go out even for a quick walk.

We don’t know how the COVID-19 issue will develop in the next weeks, even governments seem to struggle to find an effective measure to avoid the infection expanding over and over. What we can do is to live the present time and put all efforts to make it a little brighter and funnier.

Things You Can Do To Spend Your Time

Adults can choose a variety of online tools and sources of all kinds. Information and news channels, video tutorials to learn something new (it’s never too late!), gaming sites to have fun playing online games with or without opponents. For example, during these days casino sites offer amazing benefits to their new users. You can read more here if you are interested in picking a great casino for great rewards.

Kids and children can take advantage of numerous e-learning tools. Many of them are available for free and offer an intuitive interface. The youngest generations seem to love digital products way more than their parents, so you may attract your little ones with one or more smart e-learning tools. They will enjoy spending their time learning and having fun all through the same platform.

Resources That Stand Out In The E-learning Industry

As you can imagine, today there are a ton of different e-learning tools. You may get lost while seeking for your kids. So, take this list of the world’s most effective and appreciate e-learning tools, it will be much easier for you to pick one or two for your kids:

  1. Writing tools
    If you think your little ones need some extra kick to learn writing, you can find several good tools that help you effectively. Funny nice stories and cartoons will stimulate your children to learn correct handwriting and reading. Usually, such tools are embellished with colorful characters and sing-along-songs.
  2. Drawing and painting
    Do your children want to draw like a pro? It’s time to offer them the chance of having fun learning how to draw easy things upwards most challenging and complicated drawings. As you can understand, there are drawing video tutorials at all levels and for all styles. Just pick yours!
  3. Science and mathlearning math
    Who said that math is boring? Probably, traditional books make it look like an unattractive subject to study. Thanks to modern e-learning platforms and sites, your kids can discover all the pleasure of learning math without effort. And there are also excellent science-related e-learning tools to pick from the web.
  4. Music and singing
    For many people, music is a thing for entertainment, but the truth is that music is part of our cognitive needs. Music (of course, we mean good classical music) can enhance important neural connections and help get a stronger memory and improve language and logic skills. You can find nice video tutorials to learn to play an instrument, like the guitar and to improve singing.
  5. Reading and vocabulary
    You can help correct spelling mistakes by reading a lot. Sometimes it’s not about what you read, but simply about reading. So, look for an online library and pick your favorite novel or fable. Read as long as you can and enjoy what you read. Reading will help your brain memorize the correct spelling of the words. Besides, you will expand your vocabulary and learn new words at the same time.
  6. Physical workouts
    If your little ones don’t want to sit down in front of a desk, they are probably sending you a message like “I need to move”. Prepare a list of most trusted physical education sites and pick a few video tutorials with workouts that they can learn at home. You must view the videos to be sure your children can do the exercises safely at home.

In conclusion, you have plenty of choices when it comes to e-learning tools. Make sure to offer your children safe content on secured sites.


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