10 Everyday Things To Do With Children At Home

-Now that all schools are closed and people are stuck at home, families with children struggle to find an everyday balance. Having children at home means not to be able to do home decluttering and cleaning as we used to do when having them at school.

A New “Everyday” For Millions Of People

Our everyday life got completely upside down because of COVID-19. It’s fundamental to stay at home and limit all social relationships -there are no better strategies to limit virus transmission among people. But we also understand that managing the entire family at home might be a little difficult.

Children want to find something to do. Staying at home is for them much more difficult than for adult people. Adults can indeed read a book, do a crossword, watch TV news… Adults have plenty of choices when it comes to free-time activities. If you want to get inspirational ideas, you can browse the web and make a clue about the endless ways you can have to spend your time at home without getting bored. For example, you may decide to read how to bet if you are passionate about football or any other sports. Or you may decide to learn to cook special food like a master chef. You may also spend your time handcrafting small items that you can give people once this long quarantine is over.

Pick The Best Ideas To Have Fun With Your Children!

However, children need to move, they need to build things, they need competition, and motivational activities to fill in their time at home. Bored children are extremely difficult to manage and to calm down, especially if they can’t understand the reason for such long isolation. How can you explain to a 2-year old child that there’s a high risk of virus infection out there?

That’s why you should try to make your children’s stay-at-home less boring and nonsense. Get the following ideas as an extra kick to boost your imagination!

  1. Indoor hide and seek
    Make sure there is enough room to set a perfect “hide and seek”, so your children won’t hurt during the game.
  2. Homemade itemshandcrafting items
    Children need to improve their manual skills through handcrafting. Pick some video tutorials or guidelines about how to handcraft paper decorations, for example, for the spring season. If you want, you may also pick a video about how to make small and simple stuffed toys or other creative items.
  3. Board games
    If you have board games at home, it’s time to pick them for your children! Games like Monopoly and puzzles of all kinds are perfect to let them learn while having fun at the same time. For kids, chessboard and card games can be more engaging and challenging.
  4. Preparing food
    Preparing simple food can become a great way to share free time and allow your little ones to get their hands dirty. Look for recipes where you have to knead ingredients or try to prepare a handmade pizza for everyone with your children’s help.
  5. Virtual camping
    Your children can’t go out to play as they used to do, but you can always set a sort of “virtual” camping in the living room! You may use an old blanket to make a tent and give other things a new role in your stay-at-home camping game!
  6. Indoor picnic
    Sounds it a little weird? Probably, it does, but your little ones will immediately love this idea! Set your indoor picnic and invite them to join it! Prepare typical picnic foods and use your imagination to stimulate their creativity.
  7. Sing a song
    That’s one of the most typical things to do at home during COVID-19. In certain regions of the world, governments suggest to play music or sing during the day to kick off boredom and worries. Choose funny kindergarten songs (that your children might already know) and sing them loud along with your children!
  8. Listen to podcast stories
    There are also funny podcast stories to listen to for children, like fairy tales or adventure stories. Check on the web, you’ll certainly find great podcasts for everyone!
  9. Drawingdrawing
    Children love colors – organize a drawing session with them. You can give them a subject and let them draw following their imagination or you may draw something and ask them to color it the way they like the most.
  10. Cartoon movies
    Although watching TV isn’t very good, in the end, you can pick a cartoon movie and let your children watch it for a while.

For all the rest, set your imagination free and let you guide your children’s tastes and skills. What matters is to enjoy time together at home!


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