6 Best E-learning Ideas For Kids During COVID-19 Outbreak

Spending many weeks at home can be frustrating for either adults and kids. However, we can’t avoid staying at home unless we want to pay costly penalties for going out without a good reason, for example, work-related reasons or health-related reasons.

A Life Stuck At Home

It’s hard to explain to children that they have to stay at home although it’s a warm and sunny spring day outside. Kids seem to suffer more than adults for not being allowed to go out, run, and move as usual. Video lessons with school teachers might sometimes be boring and, surprisingly, even too quick to cover a regular school day. After doing their homework, most kids don’t know how to spend their free time, what to do to forget they can’t go out even for a quick walk.

We don’t know how the COVID-19 issue will develop in the next weeks, even governments seem to struggle to find an effective measure to avoid the infection expanding over and over. What we can do is to live the present time and put all efforts to make it a little brighter and funnier.

Things You Can Do To Spend Your Time

Adults can choose a variety of online tools and sources of all kinds. Information and news channels, video tutorials to learn something new (it’s never too late!), gaming sites to have fun playing online games with or without opponents. For example, during these days casino sites offer amazing benefits to their new users. You can read more here if you are interested in picking a great casino for great rewards.

Kids and children can take advantage of numerous e-learning tools. Many of them are available for free and offer an intuitive interface. The youngest generations seem to love digital products way more than their parents, so you may attract your little ones with one or more smart e-learning tools. They will enjoy spending their time learning and having fun all through the same platform.

Resources That Stand Out In The E-learning Industry

As you can imagine, today there are a ton of different e-learning tools. You may get lost while seeking for your kids. So, take this list of the world’s most effective and appreciate e-learning tools, it will be much easier for you to pick one or two for your kids:

  1. Writing tools
    If you think your little ones need some extra kick to learn writing, you can find several good tools that help you effectively. Funny nice stories and cartoons will stimulate your children to learn correct handwriting and reading. Usually, such tools are embellished with colorful characters and sing-along-songs.
  2. Drawing and painting
    Do your children want to draw like a pro? It’s time to offer them the chance of having fun learning how to draw easy things upwards most challenging and complicated drawings. As you can understand, there are drawing video tutorials at all levels and for all styles. Just pick yours!
  3. Science and mathlearning math
    Who said that math is boring? Probably, traditional books make it look like an unattractive subject to study. Thanks to modern e-learning platforms and sites, your kids can discover all the pleasure of learning math without effort. And there are also excellent science-related e-learning tools to pick from the web.
  4. Music and singing
    For many people, music is a thing for entertainment, but the truth is that music is part of our cognitive needs. Music (of course, we mean good classical music) can enhance important neural connections and help get a stronger memory and improve language and logic skills. You can find nice video tutorials to learn to play an instrument, like the guitar and to improve singing.
  5. Reading and vocabulary
    You can help correct spelling mistakes by reading a lot. Sometimes it’s not about what you read, but simply about reading. So, look for an online library and pick your favorite novel or fable. Read as long as you can and enjoy what you read. Reading will help your brain memorize the correct spelling of the words. Besides, you will expand your vocabulary and learn new words at the same time.
  6. Physical workouts
    If your little ones don’t want to sit down in front of a desk, they are probably sending you a message like “I need to move”. Prepare a list of most trusted physical education sites and pick a few video tutorials with workouts that they can learn at home. You must view the videos to be sure your children can do the exercises safely at home.

In conclusion, you have plenty of choices when it comes to e-learning tools. Make sure to offer your children safe content on secured sites.


The best Walmart tablet for children with disabilities

You’ll find a fantastic selection of tablets on sale for children with disabilities at Walmart this month. In this buying guide, we take a look at the best child-friendly Walmart tablets, and our price comparison tool means you’ll be able to get the cheapest price, too. (Or if you’re thinking about picking up a Walmart Black Friday deal generally, we’ve got you covered elsewhere on the site.)

Check out also the review from NRR  on Best Kids Tablet in 2019.

When buying a tablet for kids, there are a few things to consider before parting with your cash. Make sure you choose a model that’s robust enough to withstand knocks and drops while being carried around. Keep an eye out for any tablets that offer rugged cases that will help protect them from being broken.

They should also be small and light enough to be used comfortably by kids, so tablets with a screen size of 7 to 10 inches is recommended. And choose one that comes with built-in parental controls, so you can limit the amount of time your kids spend on the tablet, and keep them away from unsuitable content.

However, there’s a lot on offer at Walmart – so to help you pick the right one, here’s our pick of the best Walmart tablets for children

The best Walmart tablets for children with disabilities:

01. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite

The best all-round kids’ tablet at Walmart

Weight: 310g | Dimensions: 193.4 x 116.4 x 9.7 mm | OS: Android 4.7 | Screen size: 7-inch | Resolution: 600 x 1024 | Storage: 8GB | microSD slot: Yes | Battery: 3,600mAh | Rear camera: 2MP | Front camera: N/A

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite is a brilliant all-round tablet for kids at Walmart. It’s small and light enough to be easily carried around, and it comes with a microSD slot, which means you can easily expand its storage capabilities if you want to fill it with videos and games to keep the little ones entertained. It comes with an old version of Android, but this can be updated, and you’ll get access to a huge range of apps and games from the Google Play Store. This tablet is showing its age, however, so your kids may grow out of it, and the camera isn’t great. But, for a first kids’ tablet, this is an excellent choice, and Walmart offers it for a very decent price.

02. iPad mini 4

The best high-end Walmart tablet for kids

Weight: 299g | Dimensions: 203.2 x 134.8 x 6.1mm | OS: iOS 11 | Screen size: 7.9-inch | Resolution: 1536 x 2048 | CPU: A8 | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB | microSD slot: No | Battery: 5,124mAh | Rear camera: 8MP | Front camera: 1.2MP

Many child-friendly tablets (from Walmart and other retailers) are usually rather limited when it comes to power and features. This makes them great starter tablets, but it can mean your children soon outgrow them. If you want a tablet that’s powerful enough to meet the growing demands of your children, then the

New projects to strengthen step-families and keep children out of care

£84m for projects that support step-families, marking 30th anniversary of the Children Act

Children in and on the edge of care will benefit from £84 million of new investment for projects designed to strengthen and support step-families – marking the 30th anniversary of the Children Act by reaffirming its core principle that, where possible, children are best brought up with their parents.

Up to 20 councils will receive funding to help improve their practice, supporting families to stay together wherever appropriate, so that fewer children need to be taken into care and giving them the best chance to succeed in life.

Three ‘early adopters’ have been unveiled to deliver one of three landmark projects originally run through the Department for Education’s Innovation Programme: Darlington, Cambridgeshire and Middlesbrough.

The launch of the government’s Strengthening Families, Protecting Children programme will start work to roll out the three successful projects to other eligible councils, where there are persistently high numbers of children being taken into care.

SisLovesMe – Best XXX Family videos

In the US, too, there are similar programs to support children. There’s even a special series of porn films about depraved sisters and step-brothers. Have you heard about Sis Loves Me series? It’s been released in the Internet in February of 2016 and it’s gaining a lot of attention. The fact is, many girl performers (perverted step-sisters we talk about) are coming from UK, New Westminster to be exact. It’s not mainstream fact, but if you are willing to dig deeper – we have found to be the perfect place to get to know the whole series.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds said:

Every child deserves to grow up in a stable, loving family and go through life confident that someone always has your back. But for too many children, this is simply not a reality. With the number of children in care rising, many of these children face a far starker version of reality, one where their parents are in the grips of their own nightmare, through mental health problems, the trauma of domestic violence or an addiction.

We must assist those parents facing difficulties and work with them to strengthen their family relationships so they can properly support their children. In the year that sees the 30th anniversary of the Children’s Act, we must stay true to its heart – that where possible and safe, children are best brought up, loved and supported by their parents.

As a government, we want to strengthen families so that, wherever possible, they stay together and provide their children with a safe and stable home life. As Education Secretary, it’s my job to make sure what works to keep families together and change lives, is available to more children and families in need.

The projects were originally developed by Leeds, Hertfordshire and North Yorkshire councils – all rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. They aim to build resilience among more vulnerable families and improve how councils design and run services. They also support social workers to confidently identify where families can stay together in the home safely, without putting children or partners at risk.

10 Everyday Things To Do With Children At Home

-Now that all schools are closed and people are stuck at home, families with children struggle to find an everyday balance. Having children at home means not to be able to do home decluttering and cleaning as we used to do when having them at school.

A New “Everyday” For Millions Of People

Our everyday life got completely upside down because of COVID-19. It’s fundamental to stay at home and limit all social relationships -there are no better strategies to limit virus transmission among people. But we also understand that managing the entire family at home might be a little difficult.

Children want to find something to do. Staying at home is for them much more difficult than for adult people. Adults can indeed read a book, do a crossword, watch TV news… Adults have plenty of choices when it comes to free-time activities. If you want to get inspirational ideas, you can browse the web and make a clue about the endless ways you can have to spend your time at home without getting bored. For example, you may decide to read how to bet if you are passionate about football or any other sports. Or you may decide to learn to cook special food like a master chef. You may also spend your time handcrafting small items that you can give people once this long quarantine is over.

Pick The Best Ideas To Have Fun With Your Children!

However, children need to move, they need to build things, they need competition, and motivational activities to fill in their time at home. Bored children are extremely difficult to manage and to calm down, especially if they can’t understand the reason for such long isolation. How can you explain to a 2-year old child that there’s a high risk of virus infection out there?

That’s why you should try to make your children’s stay-at-home less boring and nonsense. Get the following ideas as an extra kick to boost your imagination!

  1. Indoor hide and seek
    Make sure there is enough room to set a perfect “hide and seek”, so your children won’t hurt during the game.
  2. Homemade itemshandcrafting items
    Children need to improve their manual skills through handcrafting. Pick some video tutorials or guidelines about how to handcraft paper decorations, for example, for the spring season. If you want, you may also pick a video about how to make small and simple stuffed toys or other creative items.
  3. Board games
    If you have board games at home, it’s time to pick them for your children! Games like Monopoly and puzzles of all kinds are perfect to let them learn while having fun at the same time. For kids, chessboard and card games can be more engaging and challenging.
  4. Preparing food
    Preparing simple food can become a great way to share free time and allow your little ones to get their hands dirty. Look for recipes where you have to knead ingredients or try to prepare a handmade pizza for everyone with your children’s help.
  5. Virtual camping
    Your children can’t go out to play as they used to do, but you can always set a sort of “virtual” camping in the living room! You may use an old blanket to make a tent and give other things a new role in your stay-at-home camping game!
  6. Indoor picnic
    Sounds it a little weird? Probably, it does, but your little ones will immediately love this idea! Set your indoor picnic and invite them to join it! Prepare typical picnic foods and use your imagination to stimulate their creativity.
  7. Sing a song
    That’s one of the most typical things to do at home during COVID-19. In certain regions of the world, governments suggest to play music or sing during the day to kick off boredom and worries. Choose funny kindergarten songs (that your children might already know) and sing them loud along with your children!
  8. Listen to podcast stories
    There are also funny podcast stories to listen to for children, like fairy tales or adventure stories. Check on the web, you’ll certainly find great podcasts for everyone!
  9. Drawingdrawing
    Children love colors – organize a drawing session with them. You can give them a subject and let them draw following their imagination or you may draw something and ask them to color it the way they like the most.
  10. Cartoon movies
    Although watching TV isn’t very good, in the end, you can pick a cartoon movie and let your children watch it for a while.

For all the rest, set your imagination free and let you guide your children’s tastes and skills. What matters is to enjoy time together at home!


7 Tips To Help Anxious Children Before A Summer Camp

Summer is already here and school is over in almost all places. It’s time to open the door, go out, and enjoy the sunshine! Let your children play ball in your home’s backyard, let them ride on a bicycle, take part in outdoor play. As a parent, you may think you don’t have enough time to spend with your little ones now that school is over. A good solution could be a summer camp experience.

children at a summer campA Summer Camp – Get The Idea!

Have you ever seen those amazing portraits of summer camps where children play sports, swim, and have fun all together? That’s exactly the idea we want to suggest to you for your children.

At some point, adults and children have different life rhythms and an opposite idea of entertainment. Children want to move, play physical games, scream, laugh loud, and sing a song. Of course, most adults (unless they work in a camp for children!) prefer “stationary” activities like playing chess, online games, live chat on a social network, watching TV, etc. It’s not a random fact that adults represent the largest share of the total number of online users who play online games. In particular, it turns out, that the casino segment stands out among all the existing gaming products. is one of the most emerging casino guides of our time. It’s dedicated to Indian users but since all casinos can be accessed in the English language everyone can enjoy their games, bonuses, and other benefits.

Obviously, an online casino is no place for children and should be used carefully by everyone. Children need to move, run, jump, and have fun in all freedom. A summer camp can seriously become the best choice for them.

Ways To Clear The Anxiety For A Summer Camp

If your children are new to a summer camp experience, spend some time to talk to them about how it is playing new adventures with other children in a summer camp. Your children might probably look anxious and afraid about leaving home for a new experience with unknown children. Even a two-week separation from parents might look terrifying.

However, summer camps are perfect to help children develop independence and social skills that will help them face life experiences better. Social skills are precious weapons to improve self-esteem and win in all circumstances. We’ve prepared a list of techniques you can use to fight your children’s fear and anxiety about this new amazing experience:

  1. Involve your childrenmom talks to her child
    Avoid imposing your little ones on your decision. Involve them in it, for example, by picking the summer camp together. After all, it’s where they will spend their time. Show them photos of the place and what activities they will do there.
  2. Show them it’s a great idea
    You may be as anxious as your children, especially if it’s the first time you separate from them. However, you should let them see you are excited about the summer camp. Talk to them about the funny things they will do there.
  3. Don’t talk about anxiety
    If you see your children are afraid about the camp, avoid asking them questions like “are you nervous?”. Ask open questions like “what do you think about it?”. Avoid suggesting your children the idea of anxiety and fear.
  4. Don’t make fun of their fears
    The most common mistake to avoid is making fun of your children’s worrying and fear about the summer camp. Show that you understand their concerns and give them tips to overcome such feelings. Talk to them about when you had to overcome a similar experience in your childhood.
  5. Project forward
    Focus on what they will do at the summer camp, meals in the lodge, playing with other children, and all the activities they will do. Help them imagine themselves in there ahead, so they will get familiar with the idea of the summer camp.
  6. It’s time to grow
    Talking is always the best way to help someone overcome their fears. So, talk to your children about your formative experiences as a child and highlight the positive side of those experiences, and how you could grow up, learn new things, eat new foods, expand your knowledge.
  7. Communication during the summer camp
    Make sure to tell your children that you will make phone calls to talk to them and write letters while they are away. Your goal should be to focus on how they are adjusting to the new experience. Don’t lead them to tell you they miss you and want to come home. Just focus on their day-to-day activities, improvements, and the things they do.

Once the first days at the camp are over, your children will naturally start feeling better and in the end… they won’t even leave the camp and their new friends!


Celebrating Children’s Day

Parenting can present many challenges, particularly when your child won’t listen or you have a sarcastic child. It can be difficult to gauge when punishing your child is better than controlling your anger, or which punishments for children are appropriate for their age group. Whether they are 1 year-olds, preschoolers, young children, or teenagers, getting children to listen and respect your authority is one of the most controversial subjects for parents. Nonetheless, age is irrelevant when it comes to discipline and punishing your child.

children close up crowd daylight diversity faces facial expression fun girls hands happy kids little outdoors peace people school wear young youth

The age of discipline

As a parent, punishments for children should remain consistent. If a child breaks the rules and is aware of the consequences, then they should receive those consequences. Obviously controlling your anger is a large part of punishing your child because children should not be punished if they are unaware that what they are doing is wrong. But if the child is aware, and they have been warned that this is the manner in which things should be done and if they do not adhere to that manner then they will receive a certain punishment, and yet the child won’t listen still, then controlling your anger means that you apply proper parenting methods of discipline.

  • If your children are babies or toddlers, they will be naturally curious.

  • If they see electronic items in your home, cleaning supplies in lower cupboards, or jewelry on the desk, they will want to touch it to see what it is.

  • If the child starts to move toward the item that is dangerous or unacceptable then the item should be removed from the sight of the child, who can then be distracted by an appropriate toy or activity.

  • If your child is a toddler, then timeouts for one or two minutes are an appropriate form of punishment when a child won’t listen.

But as a parent there are always difficult times of loss as well as disciplining.


There are many ways for children to cope with loss and finding the right coping mechanisms for children can be difficult. In order to help children deal with death, you must be able to work through your own grief as well otherwise you will not be able to adequately help. The manner in which you can help children deal with death is dependent upon their age, their personality, and their life experiences. Coping mechanisms for children vary dependent upon these things. For you to help a child cope with death the best thing is to be honest. The ways for children to cope with loss need to be met with encouragement. They should be allowed to ask questions in a safe environment. You should create an atmosphere of openness so that the children understand that there is no right or wrong question, answer, or manner of feeling. In order to help children deal with death in this manner, you have to understand that you may not have all of the answers but that does not mean that the children should be discouraged from speaking or asking questions about the situation at hand. If you have particular spiritual beliefs, then sharing these during this time is suggested. If your child is under the age of five or six, it is important to explain concretely what happened in death, such that they understand a person’s body stopped working or a doctor or group of doctors was no longer able to help fix a body. Children who are between the ages of six and ten will have a grasp of how final death and personify it through something such as a ghost or skeleton. In either instance, it is best to reiterate the concrete manner in which death occurred.

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