That’s Not What I Meant!

Excerpts of Stories by or About Persons with a Disability

Kyle is an energetic kid who laughs easily. Recess is his favourite part of school and he loves running around the playground at top speed, giggling the whole time. Like all kids, he finds school challenging and sometimes difficult. Kyle, though finds school challenging for different reasons than other kids. He faces extra barriers other kids don’t have to deal with.

Kyle is non-verbal and has some intellectual challenges. Communicating isn’t easy for him. While Kyle tries hard to do his best, he can sometimes get frustrated in class. This is because while Kyle usually knows what he’d like to express, it doesn’t come out very easily.

This year, Kyle has been going to a new school where the staff are very keen on using the latest technology in the classroom. Thanks to the efforts of his teacher, Kyle was able to get his own iPad to use in the classroom.

Since getting his iPad, Kyle’s performance in class has improved markedly. Able to express himself more clearly using a specialized application that uses symbols to put together simple phrases, Kyle’s teachers and friends can now understand what he is really thinking. As a result, Kyle has become less frustrated when talking with others and doesn’t have to repeat himself as often. Thanks to technology others have begun to see him for who is, an enthusiastic and thoughtful young, and not his disability.

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