Max-imum Coordination

Excerpts of Stories by or About Persons with a Disability

Max has difficulty with non-verbal communication. He can be awkward and clumsy, and his body language doesn’t match what other kids expect to see when talking to him. As a result, he has often been bullied and teased in school. Socially, he was isolated, as others labelled him the “school weirdo.”

Then Max joined the Air Cadets. There, Max discovered that the controlled movement of military drill helped him improve his coordination. Like Tai Chi, drill involves focusing on one’s movements. In addition, drill is taught by breaking down complex actions into a series of smaller ones—something Max has benefited from greatly. When all the motions are put together, the result is a group marching in formation.

As a result, Max has finally found a group where he can fit in. He’s accepted and he’s finally found something that’s helping him improve his non-verbal communication. In a few months, he’ll be going away to camp for the whole summer. Max has also started to fit in better at school, too. He’s been making friends, and next year he plans on trying out for the rugby team.

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