A Tricycle for Harriet

Excerpts of Stories by or About Persons with a Disability

Harriet giggles and smiles as she pedals her tricycle down the path in Pacific Spirit Park using her hands. Racing against her brothers, Jordan and Mike, she takes great pride in not only being able to take part in an activity with them, but (to their amazement) being able to speed past them. What more could any little sister want?

Harriet’s family enjoys the outdoors and bike riding is an important part of how they relax and spend time with one another. Harriet, however, has spina bifida, and until recently she was confined to her home while the rest of her family went on outings. Getting a hand-powered tricycle has allowed her to rejoin them.

Hand-powered tricycles like Harriet’s can have a huge impact on the lives of children with mobility issues, however at $3,000 (nearly 8 times the cost of a typical bike) they can be difficult for a family to afford on their own. Harriet’s family found themselves in this position and turned to WSFC who assisted them in purchasing the tricycle and making their family whole again.

Since getting her tricycle, Harriet has been happier and healthier than ever before as she is finally able to bond with her family again and exercise away from her regular wheelchair. Having her a part of the family again and seeing her happy has also relieved a lot of her parents and siblings stress that they used to feel when leaving her alone. With a little extra help along the way, Harriet can reach her full potential and be just like any other little sister.

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