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Executive Director – Wanda Gendron

I combine my skills as a family support worker with my experience as a parent of children with diverse abilities and my lived experience with cerebral palsy. At WSFC since 1996, I am profoundly affected  as I listen and respond to families of children with physical or invisible disabilities. At WSFC, we combine what we learn from individual family experience into a collective voice for diversity of ability. We are better together.

My passion is to give children and youth of diverse abilities the opportunities to achieve their potential. Given a chance at their hopes and dreams, challenged children work hard and accomplish beyond low expectations. It is my honour to work with caring volunteers who help us provide our unique resources for families in need. Kindness has great power to create needed change.

When I’m not at WSFC, I enjoy cats, tall trees, campfires, and the quiet, complex beauty in nature.

Board Members & Directors


29255 Exchange Student Shoot 4 May 2017. Shots of students on a Management Exchange program in the School of Management. Liam Macdonald; Ken Seidenstein; Silvano Dallan; Simpson Tze Ho Lee; Ryana Patel; Lydia Burt; Maggie Quinn. Shots in East Building and Chancellors building. Also by Lake. Client: Julie Fudala - International Relations, School of Management

Chairman- Maggie Quinn

I started my time at the Western Society for Children as an HR Assistant, however, now I also volunteer as a Strategic Planner.  In this role, I have been able to help break down the opportunities and threats facing WSFC, as well as help formulize the long and short term goals of the organization. Outside of my work here, I am earning my BBA at the Beedie School of Business, and have goals of one day becoming an HR Manager.  I am so grateful for the knowledge and perspective I’ve gained at WSFC, an organization that provides such important services to the community.

Tony Sandhu

Vice Chairman-Tony Sandhu

Tony Sandhu is the Head of Customer Success at Comm100 Network Corporation, a Canadian based software company which provides live chat and other innovative solutions to small and enterprise-grade organizations for a superior customer engagement and experience. He has been a full time, IT professional who has represented employers in public and private since 2007. He is the former head of customer success and support of DNN Corp., a corporation specializing in creating content for enhanced digital experience via Content Management System called Evoq.

Since joining as a Director for Western Society for Children in 2017, Tony Sandhu has provided overall leadership and strategic direction for the charity. In his current position as a Vice Chair of WSFC, he is redefining the vision to increase the society’s awareness in multiethnic communities of our mission to improve the lives of WSFC’s children, and families, while ensuring their unique needs are met. Working in conjunction with the Executive Director and the Chair of Board, the newly established Vice Chair position is committed to ensuring that all children have a positive and respectful outlook on their lives and where communities will accept them as who they are as individuals, build the self-confidence necessary to learn and grow, and where they can celebrate the diversity they contribute to their community.

Passionate about volunteering and positively impacting the lives of those in the community, Tony chose to join the Western Society of Children because the organization’s mission to create an inclusive barrier-free community for disable children aligns closely with his values. In addition to serving on the Western Society for Children’s board, Tony is actively involved in helping other charities around the lower mainland. Beyond that, Tony enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, exercising, and places to explore British Columbia.


Treasurer – Chris Coldicutt

I have been a Board Member since April 2012 and am currently WSFC’s Treasurer. I analyse WSFC’s financial information, modify budget plans, as well as being involved in committees that address that needs of people who are marginalized. I seek ways to make a positive difference in families facing poverty and inequity.


Secretary-Sandra King

Sandra King is a longtime volunteer at Western Society for Children. Her kind and patient manner is welcomed by volunteers and families alike. Her lived experience with a disability gives her a great empathy for the families we serve. She loves children and animals. She has a special appreciation for siblings, from her extraordinary connection to her twin sister and from her twin sons.


Director-Mohammed Zaghal

I have always believed that the more volunteer jobs I do, the happier I feel, helping families and children and contributing to my community delivers a priceless feeling of satisfaction into my heart, and on other hand, I will improve on my IT skills, teamwork, communications, problems solving and friendship.
We will work with technology and assistive technology tools to be accessible to every family and Child who need support and help; this helps them become more successful and productive. At the same time, build their confidence and independence.

jenny Tveden

Director-Jenny Tveden

I came to Western society for Children intending to offer my time as a leisure buddy. After meeting Wanda and hearing more about the organization I knew I wanted to be involved in a larger capacity.   I work with Children with Autism and their families and it is easy to see how over whelming advocating for a child with different abilities can be. I am proud to be a part of an organization that recognizes and works hard to help navigate the barriers that can prevent people in need from receiving services.

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