The Western Society for Children is a registered charity that provides community-based support to children with disabilities and their families. Working in collaboration with parents, teachers, and caregivers we develop programs and resources that assist children in managing their disabilities and advocate for greater access to existing services. As an inclusive and barrier-free organization we make these resources freely accessible to all children and families in our community.

What We Do:

Our History:

A registered charity since 1993, our vision is an inclusive and barrier-free community for families in BC. Since 1993, our charity has offered family-centred services to challenged children and their families in BC who are neglected by government systems of support.

Our Vision and Mission:

We envision a world where disability ceases to preclude a child from achieving their full potential. In pursuit of this vision, the WSFC’s mission is to educate and engage communities on disability issues and to generate local solutions to systematic inequalities that limit this potential.

Our Values:

Dedicated to helping children with disabilities and their families lead healthy and fulfilling lives, the WSFC is guided by three core values:

  • Potential: Every child has the potential to do great things if given the opportunity.
  • Preservation: Every child should have a family capable of encouraging them and managing their disability.
  • Participation: Every child should have the right and ability to participate in their community with as few barriers as possible.

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